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John Carter - TREC Professional Inspector #24341

About Us

Founded on the principle of providing inspections above and beyond the typical inspection, Next level promises to be just that, the next level in the home inspection business. Our inspections aren't a typical franchise 45 minute special, rather an average home inspection may take 3 to 4 hours. We take a full depth comprehensive approach to your purchase.

With a background in Prototyping, R & D, Testing, and Field Service Engineering for the Oil & Gas and Heavy Equipment industry, the approach NLHI takes towards you home is one from a professional 3rd party auditor. It is our goal to provide you with the utmost unbiased, researched, and professional opinion to help you navigate the overwhelming task of buying a home in todays market. Not only do we focus on proper inspection, but also work with you to help develop a long term maintenance system and understand where costs and maintenance can help you decrease your out of pocket expenses and get the best financial outcome for your purchase long term.

Our experience ranges from homes built during the Civil War to ones under construction. From small homes to mansions, from standard stick construction to welded main beams and even log cabins, our experience is not only wide ranging but vast in different building types and methodologies, with consideration as well to period design & engineering and construction practices. Let our experience help you find out about your home.

Let us help guide you through the process by providing the most in depth inspection you will receive on the market today!


InterNachi Certified Inspector -  currently the industry leader in training and certification. 


InterNACHI professional Inspector - representing the highest level of home inspection in today's market.

Chimney Inspection

Is your chimney safe to use? With Carbon Dioxide and Monoxide issues in homes, make sure your chimney is in proper operating condition before starting that fire on the next cold night.

Roof Information and Data

Sure it looks ok, but do you know how old the roof is or the construction type? Familiar with the multiple roofing systems out there? Did you know some modern builds will require new insulation when the roof is replaced?

Roof Inspection

Now you know about your roof, is it performing as intended? Nearly all homes have some minor flashing or roofing detail missing. Often not an issue, they may create problems down the road. Is your inspector climbing the roof to find them?

Exterior Inspection

Is your exterior safe from outside elements? Was your exterior facade installed correctly? A primary barrier to your homes battle against the elements and moisture.

Is that a water stain

Moisture is the great killer of homes. Does your new to you home have a potential water issue? For many older homes, was that 2nd floor bathroom tile floor sealed properly, or does all the splish and splash end up in the floor joists?

Plumbing Systems

What kind of pipes are in my home? Is that drain installed correctly? Is that a sewer gas smell in the house? Most homes have had some small plumbing work by their 25th birthday, did your plumber do the job correctly?

Septic Performance

One of the most overlooked items on homes, the septic system. Do you know what type your home has? Obtained a service contract yet? Most septic systems need regular service and pumping to properly perform.

Lawn Irrigation System

A proper functioning irrigation system not only keeps the lawn green, but can help with long term slab settling issues. Is your irrigation system setup and functioning properly

Annual Maintenance

Most homes have annual maintenance requirements that too many homeowners are unaware of. These small service items can quickly turn into expensive repair bills.