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John Carter - TREC Professional Inspector #24341

We proudly serve Ellis County & Surrounding DFW Areas

Located in Ellis county, Next Level Home inspection prides itself with delivering top quality inspections to all corners of the state. Whether in Ellis County or clear across to El Paso, we have inspected it all in this great state. We proudly inspect in Waxahachie, Ennis, Midlothian, Red Oak, Kaufman, Alvarado, DeSoto and all surrounding town. No distance is too far - call us today for your home inspection needs!

What to expect from our inspections

At Next Level Home Inspection we want to make sure each perspective home owner know exactly what they are getting into with their major investment so they are prepared for ownership and/or negotiation if needed.

We pride ourselves on the depth and detail we put into each inspection as well as the prep work we do to insure your future home meets not only state & federal requirements, but also those of your local municipality.

When you hire Next Level Home Inspection you are paying for quality and the benefit of our knowledge that we will pass on to our clients. We're not a franchise, we don't work on volume, and we work for you - the customer. We may come recommended, but only through our reputation of our higher level of inspection.

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Planning on Renting?

Are you renting and want to make sure its safe and sound for your family? Ask about our rental inspections to get the best out of your dollar.

Rental inspections help ensure the home you've chosen for your family is not only safe, but operating properly. Let us make sure everything is working as intended and safe for you and your family.

Planning a Remodel?

Getting ready for a remodel? Use our remodel consulting and inspection services to help get a true 3rd party professional opinion. Let us help you with those pesky details that easily get lost and can cost you thousands in the long run!

With codes and regulations always changing, and manufacturers often with their own way of having products installed or designed, let us help you navigate the often muddy waters of details that will inevitability spring up. From plan review to overall project planning - we can do it all to help your remodel run not only smooth, but on time, and at cost.

Retirement around the corner?

Retirement coming up? Get a maintenance inspection so you don't have any unforeseen costs in the next great life adventure. A small issue can easily escalate to a pricey repair and take a dent out of a fixed income.

Maintenance inspections come with in depth visual inspections of the home combined with a verbal guide and walkthrough of how to address the items that have been identified.

Let us help you prepare for the nest stage of your life by ensuring your home is ready as well.